To the Haters

To the Haters.


Ten years on our struggle and fight has remained the same but we remain determined as always. 1000 activists, locals, internationals, Palestinians, israeli’s, believers of justice and peace gathered to mark the 10 year anniversary of Bil’in weekly demonstrations. As per usual the army used excessive tear gas to disperse the protestors. Rubber bullets were fired injuring a few people including a journalist. Four protestors also got arrested today. We thank those that stand by us every Friday

The village of Bil’in remains strong in the face of the occupation, the wall that has stolen their ancestral lands and the continuous gassing and firing of rubber bullets on peaceful demonstrations. Haitham Khatib is a renowned Palestinian photographer who documents the occupation and the Friday protests. Follow him for regular updates on the struggle from Bil’in.



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Malak Al-Khateeb: An Angel from Palestine Held Captive by the Zionist Entity

What was her crime? Being born a Palestinian. Israel operates under it’s own self dictated laws oblivious to international norms and laws. It truly is a rogue state out of control. How many Palestinian young children is it holding in violation of their human rights? Time for hard hitting sanctions. BDS.

My Palestine

Malak Khateeb Malak Al-Khateeb. Source: google images

Tears fell down her cheeks when the judge read the sentence, she shivered, cuffed and in a cage, surrounded by armed occupation soldiers. Her parents, sitting but a few meters away from her, shocked, unable to touch their daughter, hug her, comfort her, or wipe away her tears. “They treated her as an adult…. She is but a child.” Said Ali Al-Khateeb, in his sixties, his face tired, wrinkled with years under occupation, and great sadness in his tired eyes… “When the judge read the sentence”, Abu Yousif recalls:” I saw Malak wiping away her tears and shivering, I felt that a fire was burning inside my heart”. Her 50 year-old mother Khawla says: “In court, I cried with my daughter who is separated from me by a few meters, we could not touch her or talk to her, I wished I could embrace her…

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My Name is Palestine: 64 Years Later, Time for Justice!

67 Years Later and still the world is in denial. The Palestinians have the rights to their homeland and the rights under international law to return to their stolen properties and land.

My Palestine

Source: google images

My name is Falasteen,
I am the land from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River. I am the home and only home to my children the Palestinians. Poets celebrate my beauty, my culture and the courage of my children. Painters sing to me their love, devotion and yearning. Al-Quds is my beating heart. Haifa is my pearl on the Mediterranean. Yafa is my heaven of oranges and Jasmines. Acca is my haven of white domes. Beer Is-Sabe’ is my princess of A-Naqab. Nablus is my mountain of revolution. Gaza is my dignity, my courage and my steadfastness. Jenin is my resistance, my home of legends. Safad is my daughter reaching out and embracing the sun. Al-Khalil is my guardian of glory. Beesan is my home of history, my roots reaching deep in time. Beit Lahim is my oasis of tranquillity. Ar-Ramlah is my endless love of…

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